Cecina (LI) 57023 - Via O. Marrucci,37



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  • MQ Commerciali:
220.000 €

C2005 - Bibbona Località California TUSCANY - Commercial shed of 360 square meters plus 140 square meters of court on the back closed (in accordance with) plus 20 square meters of court on the front of the shed. To ensure the privacy of the owners, the address may not exactly reflect the location of the property and is useful only to provide a general reference for its location and an aid to consultation. We are present on Instagram and Facebook


  • Vani: 5
  • Classe energetica: 175 kWh/m²a | Classe energetica G
  • Anno di costruzione: 1980
  • Condizioni: Good
  • Courtyard: SI
  • Piani: 0
  • Distanza sea/lake: mt
  • Distanza highway: mt
  • Distanza transportation: mt
  • Distanza services: mt

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